The shaving ritual


The ritual of a perfect shave for men, it consists of three different moments, creating sensations that engage both the body and the spirit: Pre-shaving, Shaving and After shaving


  • The best time to shave is in the morning because the facial muscles and skin are more relaxed and hydrated.
    The blade glides more easily over the skin and the risk of irritation is reduced.
  • If possible, shave after a warm shower: in this way the skin is better prepared, the steam opens the pores and prepares the skin for shaving. No time to have a shower? Use a sponge cloth instead: wet it with boiling water, wring it out and blot on to the face for 30 seconds to relax the skin.
  • Apply pre-shave gel before shaving: this will create a barrier effect, as well as lifting and softening the hair, reducing the risk of redness, irritation and pain.

    Gel Pre Barba


  • For a perfect shave, use the brush and the cream shaving soap Soften the brush in warm water, bathing the bristles to make them more flexible. Take the required quantity of shaving cream soap and begin to mix it in a bowl.

  • Rotate the brush in the bowl with circular movements until you obtain a rich, frothy foam, then lather up the face, pressing lightly on the chin and moustache area, where the hair grows thicker. To lather up effectively and soften the hairs, apply slowly in circular movements, spreading the foam out well, right down to the root, for at least 2 minutes.

  • It is always a good idea to start shaving in the direction in which the hair grows, to prevent the occurrence of folliculitis and prevent the hairs from growing back under the skin. Men’s hair can often grow in different directions and this must be taken into account.
  • A second round of lathering up, followed by a shave against the growth, is essential for a perfect shave. However, it is advisable for those still learning to shave to avoid shaving against the growth, so that they learn slowly but surely.

After shaving

  • Rinse well to remove any residual foam in case the skin is sensitive to it. Also rinse both your brush and your razor. After shaving, the skin is stressed and needs to be moisturised, so it’s time to apply some aftershave.

    Balsamo dopobarba
  • If you use a liquid, alcohol-based aftershave, it will disinfect and tone up the skin. If you use an alcohol-free emulsion, its function will be soothing and moisturising, creating a protective screen over the skin, the part of the body most extensively exposed to the elements.

    Crema dopobarba

THE CELLA MILANO WORLD. Discover the tips and secrets of an ancient passion

The ritual of shaving

The ritual of shaving

The perfect shaving ritual for men consists of three different stages, designed to create sensations that engage both the body and the spirit.
A perfect beard and moustache

A perfect beard and moustache

The daily care routine for the man who loves his beard, consists of a combination of gestures and specific products that enhance the wellness aspect of the shaving experience.
Active ingredients

Active ingredients

We take the greatest care to accurately select the best quality ingredients used in our products.
Extra Extra Purissima

Extra Extra Purissima

Cella Milano shaving cream soap is still made today using the original production process that dates back to 1899.


  • At the MoMa Design Store Soho New York

    Cella Milano arrives overseas at the MoMa Design Store in New York.
    In August and September 2019 a selection of Cella Milano products will be exhibited at the MoMa Design Store. 81 Spring Street, Soho New York
    Cella Milano is an icon of Italian style since 1899

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  • Taking to the stage for an all-Italian comedy

    Cella Milano takes centre stage in all the scenes of the film “Andiamo a quel Paese”, shot inside the barber’s shop, featuring Nino Frassica as barber extraordinaire. Vintage products and posters were used to optimise the effect of the retro scenery typical of historical Sicilian barber shops.

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  • Present at Culter Expo

    At Culter Expo in Novegro, Milan, the grand master Mastro Livi presented barbers Alberto Bottini of Atelier Bottini in Perugia and barber Piero Migliacci of Antica Barberia Peppino of Rome. They were available to treat visitors to excellent shaves using Cella Milano products.

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  • Photography Exhibition Sponsor

    Cella Milano sponsored the first edition of YOUR SHAPE, the photography exhibition by Roberto Clerici. This consisted of shots in which the beard features as a polyhedral element capable of elevating, enhancing, ageing, hiding, raising or squashing not only the face, but also the personality of a man, in all its forms.

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  • Selected by Fattobene

    The platform, which has been seeking and promoting Italian items that have been around for generations since 2015, has selected Cella Milano as one of the archetypes of tradition not lost in time, which have maintained their status as household names in modern times.

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